The online survey tool for
materiality assessments.

Collect data, create transparency, act sustainably. It’s easy with OMA.


Materiality assessment? No problem!

A good materiality assessment combines different perspectives. Only this way, can you create a sound basis for the sustainability report.

With OMA, sustainability consultants can now configure the data collection process as efficiently as possible. The survey tool has been specially developed for materiality assessments and online participation processes. It is ideal for precise collection of data, and rapid evaluation and professional processing of this data.


How to use OMA to get the most from your data.

  • OMA is an online survey tool that you use on a case-by-case basis and that you can adapt using values obtained in the past. You assume the role of expert and OMA creates the digital framework.
  • Move from time consuming to efficient: OMA takes on the task of managing participation processes and also data collection, evaluation and processing.
  • OMA ensures a transparent, structured and time-saving process. This lets you concentrate on the content-related aspects of the materiality assessment. The procedure itself requires no time investment: From creation of the list of topics to processing of the results presentation, with OMA you can configure your materiality assessment quickly and professionally.

Your content:

With OMA, you have all the benefits of a professional online survey – and you retain flexibility! You put together all the contents and topical areas yourself.

Your Process:

Whether it’s “inside-out”, “outside-in” or “stakeholder relevance”: OMA adapts to fit your process and the stakeholder requirements, whether in a survey or in workshops.

Your expertise:

OMA enables you to customise scales and labelling. You can clearly define your topics with a short description.

Simple and practical:

OMA enables an efficient, transparent and well thought out process, where you can focus on your expertise as a sustainability manager or consultant – OMA takes care of the actual data collection and data processing. Here you can find out how it works:

Resource-friendly materiality assessment. 

From the shortlist to creation of evaluation graphs: OMA supports you in every step of the process: professionally – reliably – precisely.


OMA is ready for use. Via a link, you can easily open the questionnaire in the browser. Its use is intuitive and easy to understand. The survey can be carried out via PC, tablet, or on your smartphone, and it has also been optimised for barrier-free use. 


A separate link is created for each survey perspective. With OMA, the survey participants always have clarity regarding the perspective from which they are assessing a topic.


Via an integrated interface, you can also enter perspectives or results from workshops – how you work is entirely up to you. Through the use of qualitative and quantitative data sources, the data pool becomes much broader.


With OMA, you can tailor the content of the surveys. Not only can you change the topical areas and their definitions, you can also customise the home page and the scale labelling as you wish. This means that OMA follows the process rather than dictating it.


Immediately on conclusion of the survey, OMA provides you with automated results reports in the form of a materiality matrix – at the push of a button and for each defined evaluation unit.


​With OMA, you can see at a glance which topics are especially relevant and how similarly or differently they are rated by the survey participants.